7 Makeup Tips for Beginners

Makeup Tips for Beginners

Makeup! Many women find it difficult to do, thinking it’s too complicated, that they won’t get it right. But with a few simple and basic makeup tips anyone can up her glam quotient, whether on an everyday basis or for a special occasion.

    7 basic Makeup steps for Beginners

    Makeup tips

    Use moisturizer to avoid patchy makeup

    Dry patches on your skin have become more visible if you apply foundation without the moisturizer which is also not good for your skin health also. Around the nose and lips, it is more visible. Therefore, applying moisturizer before you begin working on the base will keep the skin hydrated and prevent makeup from getting patchy.( basic Makeup steps for Beginners)

    Start your makeup with a face primer

    Applying primer in starting sets the base for the makeup, giving it a smooth appearance, and even makes it last longer. Take a face primer which is suitable for your skin type, or use BB creams and  CC creams.( basic Makeup steps for Beginners)

    Makeup tips

    Apply foundation evenly

    A foundation evens out the skin tone and ads a little glow to it without making it look unnaturally bright. Of course,this is important to choose the foundation which is right for your skin type and complexion. To begin, put some foundation on your hand and apply it on your face using a brush or you can directly apply it using your fingers. Then, use a sponge to blend the foundation evenly on your face. ( basic Makeup steps for Beginners)

    Cover dark circles using concealer

    In makeup routines, a concealer helps cover dark circles and blemishes. Concealer palettes can also be used for color corrections, and mask any spots, dark circles, blemishes and large pores. Choose a concealer two shades lighter than your own skin to get correct overall face shade.( basic Makeup steps for Beginners)

    Apply your foundation before concealer

    To level up your makeup try applying your foundation before concealer. Starting with an evenly applied layer of foundation will help minimize discoloration and it even tones your skin—almost like you're creating a smooth base for the rest of your products. You can then apply your concealer to spot treat any zits or redness. Foundation before concealer is a genius fix trick for preventing caking and creasing.( basic Makeup steps for Beginners)

    Make your regular lipstick matte or metallic

    Make your regular lipstick matte using translucent powder.You can instantly transform any lipstick you want into a matte one, with this makeup hack! How awesome is that?! You don’t have to find a matte version of every lipstick shade. You can make it yourself! Just apply your regular lipstick and then take a tissue, hold it over your lips, and dust on translucent powder so it transfers through the tissue. Then, reveal your gorgeous matte lips.

    You can make any lipstick metallic by adding highlighter to it. Firstly just apply your regular lipstick and after that use any highlighter you like over it and your metallic lipstick look is ready. Yes, that means that all lipsticks you own now give a metallic look also. And, this is just with an item you already have in your makeup kit.( basic Makeup steps for Beginners)

    Before applying mascara dust your lashes with powder to gain instant volume 

    After applying your first coat of mascara apply some  translucent powder or baby powder. Then, finish off with a final coat of mascara and reveal your gorgeous, thick lashes. Beautiful eyes with thick lashes ads so much glam to your face.

    Simply scrape a bit of your highlighter and add the powder to your lipstick for a gorgeous metallic shade look. You can use any of your less expensive highlighter  if you don’t want to waste some of your favorite. This is the perfect makeup hack to transform your look from day to night.( basic Makeup steps for Beginners)

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